Sunday, August 7, 2011

Heading Home

sailing home by cruisin couple
sailing home, a photo by cruisin couple on Flickr.
Heading Home is one of the pieces featured this month at the Blackberry Gift Shop.

I especially liked the way the water turned out.   I carved Denim Pine and Spalted Birch to make the water look like it is moving the sailboat along. The four colours of the sails are Spalted Alder, Poplar (white and green) and Yellow Cedar. You can almost feel the wind as it billows out the sails.

Come into the Gift Shop to see the other 12 pieces on my Featured Wall!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Rainy days don't bother me!

June and July have been really miserable here on the West Coast!  But, I don't mind, as that gives me loads of time in the workshop - can't do yardwork!!

Check out my website for a peek at my newest creations.  And, don't forget to drop in to the Blackberry Gift Shop in August as I will be the Featured Artist and many of my newest items will be on display for you to purchase and take home with you.

Here is one that won't be there, however, as it was a custom creation for a friend.  It is a natural edged piece of oak that is approximately 10" wide and 35" long.  All holes are drilled by hand and the pegs are (purchased) golf tees.  Felt bumpers are attached to the underside, so it won't mar your dining room table.

When I come across a piece of wood that is unique, has natural edges or special grains, I like to keep it aside to make cribbage boards from it.

Next time you're talking to me, ask about what special piece of wood I have stored away to make your unique cribbage board to give to someone special for Christmas or birthday.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Another bird flies out of the workshop!

The majestic white swan calmly glides across the blue waters of a smooth reed filled lake.  Summer's coming and the swans are heading north to their feeding grounds.  Catch this one quickly before it flies away!

The swan is carved from Pine with a Padauk and Walnut beak.  The water from Denim Pine, that's the Pine tree which was infested with the Pine Beetle.  If you look long and hard at the lumber store you may find some that has not been shipped to Asia.

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Great Blue Heron flies out of the workshop!

Look at this beautiful Great Blue Heron! I created one about 5 years ago and it dissappeared quite quickly. It flew off to Ontario.  Very few people got to see it up close, so I decided to make another one.  I used Western Red Cedar for most of the Heron, enhanced by Pine and Walnut.  The reeds in the pond are Poplar, which has a greenish hue.

Friday, February 4, 2011

WOW I can't believe what I'm finding in the workshop!

Lots of new items coming out of the workshop this week. This Tool Clock emerged from all the little pieces I found while cleaning up. It now reminds me when to take my lunch break!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

What's lurking in the woodpile?

It's been a busy time in the workshop this year.  I have  been sorting through the wood piles and these creations have found their way from the boards to the walls!  Don't forget to drop in to the website and check out all the details.

A few cedar fence pickets revealed a series of holly leaves, which I assembled into a wreath to surround an angel that leapt out of a pine board that was silently resting in a remote corner of the basement. 

A persian cat is slowly emerging from the depths of the curly grains of a piece of spalted birch burl.

Roses are blooming out of the small red scraps in the exotic wood pile.

This bear emerged from a piece of dark western red cedar that was hiding under the bench, and found himself in a forest of poplar trees.