Friday, January 21, 2011

What's lurking in the woodpile?

It's been a busy time in the workshop this year.  I have  been sorting through the wood piles and these creations have found their way from the boards to the walls!  Don't forget to drop in to the website and check out all the details.

A few cedar fence pickets revealed a series of holly leaves, which I assembled into a wreath to surround an angel that leapt out of a pine board that was silently resting in a remote corner of the basement. 

A persian cat is slowly emerging from the depths of the curly grains of a piece of spalted birch burl.

Roses are blooming out of the small red scraps in the exotic wood pile.

This bear emerged from a piece of dark western red cedar that was hiding under the bench, and found himself in a forest of poplar trees.

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