Friday, July 15, 2011

Rainy days don't bother me!

June and July have been really miserable here on the West Coast!  But, I don't mind, as that gives me loads of time in the workshop - can't do yardwork!!

Check out my website for a peek at my newest creations.  And, don't forget to drop in to the Blackberry Gift Shop in August as I will be the Featured Artist and many of my newest items will be on display for you to purchase and take home with you.

Here is one that won't be there, however, as it was a custom creation for a friend.  It is a natural edged piece of oak that is approximately 10" wide and 35" long.  All holes are drilled by hand and the pegs are (purchased) golf tees.  Felt bumpers are attached to the underside, so it won't mar your dining room table.

When I come across a piece of wood that is unique, has natural edges or special grains, I like to keep it aside to make cribbage boards from it.

Next time you're talking to me, ask about what special piece of wood I have stored away to make your unique cribbage board to give to someone special for Christmas or birthday.

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